Spice Mama of the Month - Guest Post

Guest post alert! This one comes from an all around fabulous mommy of two gorgeous girls, one of whom is just starting solids! Priya Giri Desai lives in Wellesley, MA and is a creative genius both inside and outside the kitchen. When not cooking up delicious dinners for the fam and contributing recipes to publications around the country, Priya makes TV shows and films. Her first documentary, Lovesick, is currently in post-production. Backed by a grant from Sundance, a successful Kickstarter program and other awards, this story about love in the time of HIV in India is surely going to move and astound us all. Here, in the most effortless and elegant way, Priya shows us how to cook to impress. A weekday family dinner or weekend BBQ never tasted this good with such little work. Thanks Priya! 

Priya Giri Desai

Last week, in a holiday haze (and more than a little inspired by Spice Spice Baby), I decided to throw a backyard BBQ a mere 24 hours after landing back home from visiting the south of Spain. I did this with a six year-old about to enter kindergarden in two days and a four month-old whose sense of when to sleep seemed solely dictated by when I reached for a sling. Logic be damned when your memories are of fresh, grilled seafood bathed in olive oil, sweet garlic, and smoky pimentón de la Vera (that’s paprika from Spain’s La Vera region). If I couldn’t have it there, I’d have it in my own backyard! And so, with friends we gathered around a platter of simple, beautiful food that can be modified to work as an elegant entrée or a quick, weeknight meal for all ages.

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Omega-3 Fats
Vitamin D
Immune boosting


Grilled Fish
with garlic
pimenton oil
12 mo+,
               Kid, Adult