Paprika Part V - Death by Chocolate


Over dinner and wine in sufficient enough quantity to warrant this type of conversation, (and inspired by, I recently asked my husband what his ideal 'Last Supper' would be. "My mom's shepherd's pie" he responded, without the slightest hesitation. "And you?" he inquired, not one to usually initiate such discussions but now indulging me a little. "Ummmmm chocolate in some shape or form. Oh and something spicy of course!" I said, thinking hard about how that would indeed go down, were I to plan my last meal before departing the earthly plane. "OK - weird" he observed, and we moved on. 

Turns out that if I'm weird, so were the ancient Aztecs. Chilli and chocolate have been soulmates since as early as 1900 BC when they were consumed together as a frothy drink with additions of honey and black pepper. 

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