1)   Wait until your baby is 6-7 months old before introducing spices in their food.  
2)  Start with aromatic spices like cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, cumin, clove and turmeric. Avoid hot spices like cayenne, which may be harsh on very young tongues and tummies!
3)    Cook all the spices to avoid the risk of bacterial exposure. There is some risk of Salmonella contamination in spices but cooking them through like you would chicken, for example, removes that risk.
4)    Spice allergies are rare. If you are concerned about food allergies, you could introduce one spice at a time and follow the ‘four day rule’.
5)    Start with one spice per dish but feel free to quickly graduate to multiple spice combinations if your baby loves them!
6)    Don’t give up. The experts say it can take seven or more exposures to a new food or flavor for a baby to like it.
7)    Be creative and have fun. After all, you’re giving your baby the health and nutrition benefits of ancient natural ingredients while exposing them to a host of global flavors. You’re nurturing them to be true gourmands.



Most of this is obvious but I am obliged to say it anyway. Here goes…

This blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. We do not claim that any of the spices or recipes we discuss are a substitute for modern medicine or will cure you of a disease or ailment. Please consult with your pediatrician before introducing spices or any new foods mentioned on this site to your baby if you are concerned about your baby’s reaction to them.