This site came about to demystify the use of spices and encourage their promiscuous use in kitchens worldwide starting with the food we give our babies. While the scientists work out what molecules make spices powerful medicines, we can embrace them in their ancient, natural form in our babies', toddlers' and families' food. We can raise gourmet children with global palates while establishing a solid foundation for health.

When I started this project, I noticed that the words ‘spice’ and ‘baby’ in the same sentence caused more than a few eyebrow raises. I found myself defending the idea that babies can indeed be given spices arguing that cultures around the world have been doing so for centuries! Upon closer inspection of the Western pediatric guidelines, I realized I didn’t have to do much defending after all. There is a broad consensus among experts that the bland diet we have grown accustomed to starting our babies on has no scientific or health basis and that we should broaden their palates with the use of herbs and spices starting as early as 6-8 months. Happy Family, a leading brand of packaged baby food adds spices to some of their purees for tots as young as 6 months old.